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«…Rose Mary has the musical clarity and honesty that has made Country Music,  a genre of music that speaks to people simply and through the heart. I hope that she succeeds in convincing the rest of the world… Go Rose Mary, follow your muse…»

Kristin Wilkinson

Internationally renowned Arranger  Composer  Conductor & performing artist  Nashville – Tennessee  USA

«…I have had the opportunity to meet many talented musicians during my career, and  Rose Mary  Lou is one of the most uniquely gifted. Not only she possess a wonderful voice and spirit , but she combines her strong background of French and Cajun music with Country Music, unifying our cultures and preserving an important tradition… Rose Mary is already making an outstanding contribution to our industry.»

Kathy Chiavola 

Internationally renowned Singer Songwriter & performing artist

Voice instructor at Belmont University  Nashville – Tennessee  USA

 « …It was an awesome musical experience, very diverse, from traditional Country music to swing, folk, Native American. Rose-Mary  does a great job and sounds very authentic on all of the above.It’s been a real pleasure to be involved in this project.»


Guitar and banjo player -Bering Strait Band & session musician in Nashville.

«…Really strong originals and a stunning version of «House Of The Rising sun» establish Rose Mary as an international star…»

«….Ein absolutes hörerleibnis….»

« …apribile, vivace e collorata…cantato con grinta e ricordando…una bella voce promettente… »

«….La voix de Rose Mary séduit par la richesse, l’expressivité de son timbre et l’étendue de son registre… du haut de gamme…»