Rosemarylou’s credits

   I wish to deeply express my hearfelt and fondest gratitude to all artists friends, creators and designers who are so preciously supporting me to  proudly present my artist website. I’ m so grateful!  You are angels!

                                                               Website credits

Webdesigners: Olivier STRICKAERT & Valérie GOUDE  

Photo artwork : Valérie GOUDE

Photographers: Ronald FITTE, Yannick LETOQUEUX, Françoise ROCH, Sophie LEMESLE,

Rosemarylou’s photos private collection : Photos by Natasha GRANDVAL,Catherine LAFON,Olivier STRICKAERT .


texts: Rose-Mary Lou

                                                                      Music Credits

From the Bottom of my heart, I wish to express all of my love and grattitude to my exquisite producers EDDYE BAYERS Jr & KRISTIN WILKINSON whom I treasure for illuminating my music with their flame. I’m very grateful to my band for such an exceptionnal performance that transcends my wildest dreams.You all move me profoundly and raise my inspiration to higher grounds.

Warm thanks to LARRY PAXTON for your wonderful apropos musical input and for lending your marvellous guitars.

Many heartfelt  thanks to my luthiers long standing friends FRANCK CHEVAL & ALAIN QUEGUINER,and ANDRE BRODSKY from Gibson/Epiphone. To our adventurous  photographerS YANNICK LETOQUEUX 1 RONALD FITTE and to our ultimately creative graphics designer and long standing friend PHILIPPE ESCOFFIER for honoring this project and giving without limit. To my fantastic producer NATASHA for your outstanding vision, loving support and genuine cowgirl spirit.Ya’ll my fabulous musical  family.


All of our heartfelt appreciation to STEVE TVEIT & OMNISOUND STUDIOS staff for your immense trust and supporty.You sure make us feel at home and we’re crazy about your doughnuts. Hats off to all musicians and singers for your amazing harmonies ans beautiful energies. You are magicians.I’m immensely grateful toEDDYE BAYERS Jr & KRISTIN WILKINSON  for your generous friendship and immeasurable contrubution. To our fabulous engineers GARY PACZOSA, ERIK HELLERMAN, JASON ,ERIC & DON, for your sensitivity, extraordinary patience, comprehending and meeting our Country Music sound ideal. To Ascap, CMA, & AMA for your open minded appreciation and  ears.

To Rose-Mary for your stunning melodies, beautiful voice, lovely self and true pioneer spirit. You are the million Dollar Cowgirl!

Producing ya’ll is a privilege like going to the moon!